Voodoo Album 15th Anniversary

Fresh off the arrival of the long awaited Black Messiah and straight into another major milestone! Artists Come Together for 15th Anniversary of D’Angelo’s Voodoo Album to pay respect, homage and good vibes to the #classic masterpiece that both defined and redefined the experience of soul, Hip Hop, rhythm and blues.

Great artists, like great rappers, entertainers, businessmen and women, are usually highly respected by other artists etc. With that said, many of the greats don’t always get tributes from other artists just out of respect–no major sponsor or TV broadcast necessary–but D’Angelo is apparently that special and then some. Organized and initiated by Solange Knowles and her Saint Heron brand, Artists Come Together for 15th Anniversary of D’Angelo’s Voodoo Album.

Also fresh off his recent Saturday Night Live performance, artists including Solange’s sis Beyonce, Janelle Monae, A-Trak, Thundercat, Tweet and more chimed in to shout out D’Angelo and the mark he left with his Voodoo release. Not just on the game, but on the lives, spirits and careers of many. Solange began the festivities with this epic intro:

Voodoo is the church in which we all come to worship the religion of soul music. It is the word. It is the temple. It is the law for all lovers of true rhythm and blues. At 15-years-old, Voodoo is the most self-assured, decisive, deep in its roots, and “grown as hell” album in recent musical history I’ve ever experienced. A true testament to the term, timeless. Since its birth, it has always gone hand and hand with reflections of various milestones in my life. I was 13, when I heard “Untitled” and got goosebumps at the first knock of the snare. I couldn’t have been farther from having the answers when he belted “How Does It Feel,” but the deep down gutters of my soul said “Daaaaammmn Goot!”

Well daaaaammmnn indeed! But if you’ve ever really taken the time to experience that album, you know *exactly* what she means! Artists Come Together for 15th Anniversary of D’Angelo’s Voodoo Album and let’s hope it’s not another 15 years for the next game–or–life changer by the Black Messiah. But even if it is…we’ll wait.

Check out what all the artists had to say here, and check the vids from Questlove, Erykah Badu and more talking Voodoo!

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