What Really Happened to Fetty Wap's Eye

You might have thought the game was gonna let this one go or you might have kept a side eye in your pocket…but no need as it looks like the “Trap Queen” star has finally let us in. Here’s What Really Happened to Fetty Wap’s Eye!!!

Was ignorance bliss? Is there relief, indifference or disappointment in knowing? The truth comes to surface on What Really Happened to Fetty Wap’s Eye following some insider details revealed during a recent Shade 45 interview with DJ Self.

The Patterson, New Jersey rapper who rose from underground prominence has for the most part kept it on the low, ignoring or allowing for rumors to swirl on whether his here today–gone tomorrow eye is a result of a shooting. However fans were told in previous interviews that they would get to hear What Really Happened to Fetty Wap’s Eye eventually, and here it is:

“I tell people it’s nothing because it’s really nothing to me. When I was little I got into an an accident, and got congenital glaucoma, it goes to your eyes. The doctor saved one. So I was blessed to have my vision…”

Aaaaannnnd that’s What Really Happened to Fetty Wap’s Eye. Real talk–no guns, and no bullets. He goes on to talk about the prosthetic eye he had for a while, and why he took it out (yikes). But if anyone is feeling let down here the question might be between have you been mislead or did you mislead yourself? Any thoughts on the situation or do we just want to head nod this and move on in silence??? Check the vid for the entire conversation…then get off the talk and get back to his music!!!

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