MEek x JB

Meek Mill’s second annual post-Grammy bash was held at a glass mansion formerly owned by Justin Bieber, and despite reports that they left the place “trashed,” Meek’s attorney begs to differ. He says there was a minor window crack and a few scuffs on the walls, while TMZ names the following based on photos they’ve obtained:

– a kicked in door with shattered windows
– dead landscaping
– broken glass in the pool
– destroyed furniture and cigarette smoke damage

Marisa Mendez

There was a $10,000 security deposit placed on the home for the 1-week rental, which is now up in the air. According to Meek’s lawyer (whose name is on the lease,) the damages were never mentioned to him and no one raised the possibility of holding his deposit…while TMZ reports that the leasing company is still totaling up the damage, and they intend to seek compensation.

Check out the pics in the gallery to see just how bad the damage was. Do you think they’ll be getting that $10k back?

Source: TMZ