The NBA plays a few games overseas during the preseason and regular season but what about All Star weekend?  Well NBA commissioner Adam Silver says it’s something that could happen in the future.

Shay Marie

Commissioner Adam Silver, told Marc Berman of the New York Post in a Q&A he could see it happening. Eventually.

“There are no plans in the drawer yet, but it’s something that as the NBA continues to grow around the world I’m sure we’ll look at it down the road. Right now, because of the scheduling issues and the additional time that would be required to move the game outside of the U.S. or Canada it’s not realistic right now. But as we look to grow the league, there are so many great cities outside the United States that would love to host a game. It’s something we’d look at.”

We’re gearing up for All-Star weekend, this weekend which will take place in New York City.  Next year the All-Star Game will be in another country but it’s just Canada; it’ll take a lot more work to move it overseas to Europe.  It could happen down the line in a few more years, we’ll see.