Looks like Wale fell victim yet again in 2015 to someone else trying to put him on blast via social media. A random jump-off (she said it herself, not me) on Twitter who goes by the name Marilyn MonDROE tried to blast the MMG rapper, claiming she had sex with him all over his home and that he was bad mouthing Rihanna and Ja Rule. She went as far as tweeting out pics of his alleged pad along with DMs and personal text conversations with the “Bad” artist, claiming she let both Wale AND his cousin hit for $$ (WOAH).

Wale is denying ever having had any sexual relations with the crazed attention-seeking Twitter groupie, but she seems to have quite the case to plead with her proof. Check out the entire back and forth drama over in the gallery between Wale vs. Marilyn MonDROE. MESSY, MESSY!

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