Boy, it’s something about those courtroom appearances that are not agreeing with Suge Knight’s injuries. The former Death Row CEO, who is currently in police custody on a hit-and-run murder charge, was scheduled to appear in court on a robbery case – involving he and Katt Williams – today, however “stomach problems” is the reason for yet another postponement.

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According to his attorney David Kenner, Suge has been suffering from pains since the shooting in Hollywood at the 1Oak Nightclub. There has been bleeding in his stomach that’s causing these regular visits to the hospital. This isn’t the first time since his recent arrest that the ambulance had to be called. Earlier this month – during another court date – the big guy was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a panic attack and later a massive blood clot.

At your own risk, check out the gallery for the bullet wounds that causing Suge so many stomach problems.