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Congratulations! Cipha Sounds Goes “Roc National” Roc Nation just announced that they welcomed one of our very own: Cipha Sounds !That’s right Cipha Sounds has signed with Rocnation and will be co- managed by Neil Sirni of York-Hill. This Is exciting news for Cipha and a great example of where hard work, persistence and courage can lead you. More info after the jump.

Cipha Announced his separation from Hot 97.1 about a month ago. He has done many interviews and talked about his journey as an intern for our very own Funk Flex, his love for comedy and underground Hip Hop music.

“It¹s been an amazing ride – from intern to weekends to morning show host to fill Angie¹s seat in afternoons. Many years of incredible, life-changing experiences and enough amazing memories to last five lifetimes. The next move is already underway and I promise it’s going to be huge.”

Sometimes you must take that leap of faith even when it appears scary, you never know where it could lead you.Cipha is ecstatic about his new home check out the gallery to see all the memes he posted after the big announcement. Cipha also talked about working on a project with Alicia Keys. Congratulations! Cipha Sounds we wish you All the Best