Looks like everyone is weighing in on Bill Cosby and all his legal woes. While some celebs have shied away from this very touchy topic, not wanting to lend to much of their opinion to the public after 33 women have come forward alleging Bill to have sexually assaulted them, looks like actor Samuel L. Jackson was put into the hot seat on the topic. This comes after Eddie Murphy declined the opportunity to play Bill Cosby in #SNL40 comedy sketch, poking fun at the comedic legend and his current legal drama. Peep what what Sam had to say on the topic.

Acclaimed actor Samuel L. Jackson stopped by the clubhouse in NYC this week, to appear as a guest on Andy Cohen’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’. Well during the show, there was a segment the show called ‘Plead the fifth’, where Samuel L. Jackson weighs in on Bill Cosby rape allegations; says “where there’s smoke there’s fire”? Yup. While Jackson doesn’t completely throw Cosby under the bus, he does however provide his interesting point of view on the topic. Watch Samuel L. Jackson weigh in below.

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