Common & John Legend Win Oscar

The cipher is officially complete! Common and John Legend Win Oscar and Drop Facts in Acceptance Speech for the Selma film’s well backed song “Glory.” The two music legends and G.O.O.D. Music natives took the stage immediately following their live performance of the song, wasting no time to bravely interrupt care-free attitudes and remind why “the struggle is now.”

As the announcement that Common and John Legend Win Oscar for Selma’s “Glory” rang into the atmosphere, the camera panned to the film’s lead actor David Oyewole–who among others many say was snubbed out of an Oscar nominee for his portrayal of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.–with tears streaming down his face. Oprah sat in front of him, excited and on her feet to hug the two now Oscar-winning stars with hugs and fist pumps as they ‘marched’ to the podium.

When it came to the acceptance speech, Common and John Legend Win Oscar and ran down a reasonable list of gut punching realities: That the United States is “the most incarcerated country in the world,” that there are more black men under the control of the incarceration system now than there were black men enslaved in 1850, that the access and rights of voters is still under attack. That the spirit of the film stands on the hope inspired by King, in the fights for equal and civil rights still going on today–be it gay rights and class struggle in the states to protests in Hong Kong for democracy.

The ‘common’ struggle that we’re all human took center stage and spotlight as Common and John Legend Win Oscar and Drop Facts in Acceptance Speech. Definitely a huge score for the movie Selma, but also for activists and freedom fighters of history, artists of color, and Hip Hop that continues to impact the world by embracing its power and never forgetting its roots. They received a standing ovation for their performance (which left more than a few people in tears) and many remained so for their sobering speech. Check the vids for the speech and performance and the gallery up top for flicks, IG and Twitter-verse love.

CONGRATULATIONS y’all. Much respect!!!

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