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Fresh Prince’s Original Aunt Viv Calls Out Kenya Moore:”Pay Me For My Work” Janet Hubert the original aunt Viv from the hit tv show ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ is not the one to play with. In a recent episode of her web-series Blacktress She calls out Kenya and airs her dirty laundry. Make sure you check out the tweets in the gallery. Full story below.

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Fresh Prince’s Original Aunt Viv Calls Out Kenya Moore:‘Pay Me For My Work’
Apparently Janet Hubert, D Woods from Danity Kane, and Brandon Deshazer were all supposed to star in Kenya’s pilot ‘Life Twirls On.’ Last Sunday’s episode of RHOA you see Kenya at a casting call looking for actors. It appears legit in the beginning but according to miss Janet it’s a fraud.

Janet is angry because Kenya never paid her and tried to get her to appear on the RHOA show. Check the gallery to see how Janet goes in.
She even throws Fresh Prince under bus and states she will never work for a black show again. WOW Kenya has been in conflict for the past three years. She better slow down before Bravo gets rid of her. She recently got them tied up in the #blackwivesmatter ad. What are your thoughts? Is Kenya in the wrong or is this just another case of “Angry Black Women”

This video is funny and dramatic but you get the picture lol I almost didn’t recognize Janet!