Ice T Revoices Cartoons on Fallon

When it comes to the entertainment business, this Hip Hop legend certainly “ain’t new ta this!” But who knew he also did voice-over work…for Scooby Doo, G.I. Joe, and Dora the Explorer??? Have a chuckle as Ice T Re-Voices Cartoons on Fallon and the Tonight Show!

There’s no career in Hip Hop quite like the iconic originator of ‘gangsta rap’ Ice T. From music, to television, to film, to directing, producing, and being a businessman–not to mention being embraced by pop culture and frequently in the public eye with beloved wifey Coco–basically everything this man touches turns to gold, stamped additionally with a certain O.G. credibility. It makes sense then that this would be a huge motivation for The Tonight Show to feature him in a new sketch, as Ice T Re-Voices Cartoons on Fallon in an unveiling of the legend’s faux voice-over career.

Wanting to capitalize on that credibility and his iconic voice, Jimmy lead the studio audience and viewers at home through a series of animated classics to which Ice T Re-Voices Cartoons on Fallon. The results are pretty funny to say the least…

From Fifty Shades of Grey references to cursing with Dora and “Boots,” Ice T Re-Voices Cartoons on Fallon and continues to be among west coast legends still chopping it up while others are retiring. A big Happy Belated Birthday!!! going out as the icon just turned 57 on February 16th.

Check the vid!

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