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Uh oh….Amber Rose’s famous cakes come into question in manslaughter trial? Defendant claims she gave Amber Rose injections?? According to reports, this is entirely the case. See details inside.

Wiz Khalifa’s soon to be ex wife Amber Roses’, infamous curves were brought into question in a court room this week E! news reports. Major side-eye for E! News bringing this to the forefront, knowing how chummy they are with the Kardashian clan, who DEFINITELY have it out for Amber Rose. Well Roses’s infamous cakes were brought into question after testimony from defendant Padge-Victoria Windslowe, who is currently on trial for killing a London breakdancer with illegal butt injections, according to reports.

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During the trial, Philly native Windslowe AKA the “Black Madam” dropped a dime on Amber, naming her as well as some of her other notable clients for the work she had done on their butts to make them both plumper and fuller. Supposedly Amber got the shots before becoming wildly famous as Kanye West’s former girl……..and according to the Black Madam, Yeezy even dropped Amber Rose off for one of her re up sessions…..Hmmmmm, this is very interesting being that Amber prides herself on keeping it funky, and even refuted in recent discussions that she had altered anything after her cakes were brought into question. According to the defendant, Amber Rose’s but injections were a walking calling card for the the “Black Madam”, who claims to be the best in the business after 20 years of performing the procedure. Windslowe is currently charged with third-degree murder in the 2011 death of Claudia Aderotimi, who was injected with low-grade silicone at a Philadelphia airport hotel.

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Ob boy! Right now this is just hearsay, but do you think there is possibly some truth to Amber’s cakes not being 100% authentic?