IFWT_Man Kocked Out At Lil Boosie Concert

You got knocked the f*%$ out! Fan gets KO’d after trying to jump on stage at a Lil Boosie concert?? Yup. Cold world. However, I bet this particular concert goer will stop and think twice when it comes to jumping on stages, as he definitely took a pretty bad lumping by security……and I assure you his fall back game was NOT strong at all. See crazy footage inside.

Folks don’t try this at home. A fan who was in attendance for Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie’s show got waaaaay more than he bargained for when he attempted to hop on stage to turn with the Southern rapper. Sounds like a good idea huh? WRONG. Breh, this was an extremely bad idea….and being that he wasn’t some woman throwing her panties on the stage vying to give the rapper sexual favors, we autmatically knew it was going to end TERRIBLY bad for this guy who took a mean uppercut to the face by security….and definitely went night night on impact. Sheesh. Let this video serve as a cautionary tale for anybody who thinks jumping on stage for your fave’s performance is going to end well. It most likely will not. Peep the video below.
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Breh will think twice about jumping on stage EVER again!