Well Well…sounds like “respected” NFL reporters like Mike Florio and Adam Schefter have some explaining to do! You remember all the Dez Bryant rumors about an alleged video involving him doing something “five times worse than Ray Rice”, these were the two guys who had us all believing we were on the verge of finding everything out. Well we damn sure found something out when Wal-Mart officially said there is no video recording with Dez Bryant on it. Allegedly the so called incident happened in 2011 at a Wal-Mart in Texas and the surveillance footage is what had Dez pinned.


Turns out there never was any surveillance footage of Dez doing anything wrong, and even if there was back in 2011, it wouldn’t exist anymore. That is according to Wal-Mart director of national media relations, Brian Nick. He said because no charges had been filed, the company would not have pulled the security footage at the time and created a videotape of the incident.

He added the company’s security protocol eliminates footage after a certain period of time, and that time has passed. Now if we are being careful here, his statement still doesn’t mean no tape exists. It just means Wal-Mart could be choosing to deny anything at the moment until something else as far as as investigation takes place.

Judging from the fact this incident supposedly happened back in 2011 and police nor the NFL have been able to come up with anything leads me to believe these reporters had either bad info or wanted some attention. It is also interesting to note that Florio and Schefter have both been very quiet about the topic, as if they just want it to pass.

Sounds like some people might owe Dez an apology. The Cowboys decided to go ahead and use the franchise tag on Bryant for next season, which mean they just guaranteed him about $13 million dollars for next year and it is hard for me to believe they would do that if they weren’t confident things with him will be fine.

Joe Casey @IamJoeSports