I don’t think the this beef between Jhonni Blaze and Moniece Slaughter is going to end anytime soon. The two was going in on each other on VladTV’s IG page, but Jhonni said a few things that crossed the line and hit way below the belt.
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VladTV posted a picture of Jhonni on the gram so that fans would be aware of their new interview with her. Being that Moniece clearly doesn’t like her, she commented 1st saying “Oh God”. Jhonni saw the shade and blazed the scene with her ruthless comments comparing Moniece to a roach, bashing her parenting skills and calling her all types of b*tches. The two women were throwing jabs at each other for a couple of hours in an all out IG war, until Moniece gave in and apologized. Jhonni wasn’t having that ish and that’s when she said “f*** your offspring”! WOW!

Read the heated exchange between Moniece and Jhonni in the gallery!

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