Update on Kanye and Dame Dash Movie Business

They’re “Stronger,” you “Can’t Tell Them Nothing,” and details are finally in! With old wounds healed picture Dame Dash and Kanye Go Into the Movie Business…Together!

We gave you the news when the partnership was announced, but more details are finally here. Remember prior to Kanye’s epic speech at the BET Honors speech came a raw and real introduction by the once Roc-A-Fella rain-dancing Damon Dash, noting Yeezy’s success and courage has been amazing to watch, however “it’s bittersweet because we’re not getting money together anymore” (LOL). Well some strong notes must’ve shot into the universe off that commentary because long after a tense come-up, rocky road and ultimately parting ways, Dame Dash and Kanye Go Into the Movie Business…Together:

“Damon Dash has a new million-dollar baby that he hopes will take the moviebusiness by storm. Damon Dash Studios, his self-funded film company, already has four films in its repertoire. His next pulled card? Kanye West.”

Definitely have to say congrats to the ever-hustling and legendary Dame making this business deal as there’s not many black-owned film studios to speak of. But the relationship according to Vibe and Page Six of Dame Dash and Kanye Go Into the Movie Business seems to be going 0-100 (at least as far as business is concerned). Not only has the Chicago native been named Executive Producer of the company, Dame is also being vocal about his hope for Kanye to do even more. Perhaps even, get in front of the camera and do some acting!:

“Hopefully, Kanye will want to get creative and jump in as an actor or director or anything he wants,” Dash told Page Six. “The only thing I don’t want to do with him is music, because we’ve already done that. There’s an expectation when Kanye and I do something. It has to be different, it has to be authentic.”

Since Yeezy season has checked finally conquering fashion off his list as well as added dancing to his mega-star menu, it’s safe to say you can’t hold him from whatever he decides to do! This is definitely Dame Dash and Kanye Go Into the Movie Business #ForTheWin. Or nah? What do you think, unlimited-masterminded-creative explosion, or nah? Can you give respect where it’s due here or do you need to see the films first?

Check the vid to see the previous film project the two Roc veterans did together–Loisaidas (starring Murda Mook and The LOX), and don’t forget the gallery up top, including Dame’s post on IG about “sticking together!”

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