Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is practically the cover girl for TMZ so its no surprise that they were able to catch he use the N-Word on twitter before she deleted it. Hop into the post for all the details and photos !!! #IFWT

Most people have the luxury of not being famous. I know what your thinking ..”F**K you mean luxury?!?” . Well , since you don’t have millions of dollars and about 50 eyes for each dollar you have on every move you do , nobody cares about your stupid posts. Instead , they care about Lindsay Lohan ‘s !

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Lindsay Lohan went to watch Kanye West perform Tuesday night as a part of Paris Fashion week and posted a picture on Instagram then shared it to Twitter. Sounds all fine and dandy right ? Well that’s not what got everybody tight at Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan posted this picture with the caption ” #Kanye&KimAllDayNi**a$”

Okay so lets talk about what’s wrong with this

Not only did she say “the N-Word” which is obviously extremely offensive , she used a Money sign “s”…Are You serious ? is this 2003 ?

Lindsay Lohan ended up deleting the tweet and edited the Instagram Post but it was clearly too late , as followers called her out on it EARLY ! how else do you think we got the PICTURES IN THE GALLERY !!!!

Can you say #IFWT?