As soon as we get a glimmer of Kanye West’s calm (before the storm, maybe) with photographers, we see Tina Knowles go from 0 to 100. During a lunch date with Beyoncé and granddaughter, Blue Ivy, Tina spotted the the paparazzi trying to get a photo of the 3-year-old. Ha, try again. Grandma stepped in and put a stop to it quick.

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JaaiR (JR)
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How an exchange goes when you try to get a picture of Blue Ivy…

Tina: You know that’s not cool. It’s illegal. You can’t film a baby.

Paparazzi: Ma’am I’m just out here taking pictures.

Tina: Ok well, can you not take a picture of a child

Pap: Well, I mean you’re famous…

Tina: How would you like for somebody to take a picture of your baby?

Pap: If I was a famous, huge multimillionaire…

Tina: No, you wouldn’t care! That’s a baby. That’s a baby. Have some class about you. Have a little class and some consideration.

Okay, while I believe everyone deserves their privacy, what does Tina expect? When your in a public place, and the public eye, people are going to want a peek. It doesn’t help when you’re of relation to an artist of Bey’s caliber. Besides, we all saw the swerve photo; Blue is highly capable of telling the paps to kick rocks.

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