Ludacris gets upset at Justin Bieber’s comedy roast over what? Looks like it was not a night full of laughs as some of the roaster participating as well as audience members seemed to be taken aback by some of the joke made in honor of 21 year old Justin Bieber. One of those people not pleased with some of the content for last night’s laugh fest. Ludacris. Find out what had the ATLien turned off inside.

Recently just celebrating the year marker for the untimely passing of Paul Walker, needless to say Ludacris was less than enthused when jokes were cracked on his former cast mate and friend. According to reports, Luda wasn’t the only one put off by some of the jokes made, reports indicate Bieber himself wasn’t too happy with some the jokes content. Jokesters of the evening also touched sensitive topics such as Robin Williams and abortion. Of course we all have a sense of humor, but is talking ill about the dead too far? The roast is set to air March 30th, but will more than likely be trimmed down in effort to edit out some of the offensive content. Shrugs. We’ll just have to stay tuned.

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