_Wal-Mart Employee Finds Miniature Meth Lab Being Operated Inside The Men's Bathroom

A Wal-Mart employee discovers a miniature meth lab being operated inside the men’s bathroom. Check out the video and photos of the bathroom in the gallery below!

Police were called to a Wal-mart in Muncie, Indiana, after someone had left a backpack with a miniature meth lab inside it in the men’s restroom, which has now been closed. The Wal-Mart employee alerted police after seeing a suspicious man enter the restroom with the backpack and then leave without it. Inside the backpack were containers filled with mixed chemicals to make meth. The chemicals used to ‘cook’ the drug were being mixed in the containers. The chemicals are mixed in two liter bottles, and later cooked until it crystallizes. Mixing the chemicals can run a high risk of explosion. The blast of one bottle is capable of killing someone. Members of a state police meth suppression team removed the dangerous chemicals.

State police say that the people who make methamphetamine are now leaving the chemicals in public places so that they can return later to get the ‘finished product,’ and to not risk an explosion and contamination of their own homes. Police removed the chemicals and are now trying to find the owner of the backpack. Brian Nick, director of National Media Relations for Walmart, said the store’s surveillance video was being provided to police to find the suspect. The men’s and women’s restroom has been closed until they can be ‘decontaminated’ by a professional cleaning company.

Check out the photos in the gallery and a video of the miniature meth lab in Wal-Mart below!

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