Laugh of the Day: What happens when you hop on stage to attack Run The Jewels while performing at South by South West … you get your a** clocked one, that’s what.

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JaaiR (JR)
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Yesterday (March 16), Run The Jewels was attacked while performing at SXSW. Why this dude (and others) feel the need to strong arm performers, I have no clue. This dude got just what he had coming to him. During the performance at The Spotify House, an unknown guy hits the stage to go after El-P, however, Killer Mike was in tow, and it didn’t end there. Fans jumped the guy and then security went bump. What you see is a milli-second pause, and then, lean lean lean …. HA – LA – RI – US!

Check it out.

A video posted by djfreeverse (@djfreeverse) on

A video posted by djfreeverse (@djfreeverse) on

Did someone not tell this guy about fans who step out of line. (Cough) Ghostface Killah

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