So Dame Dash has been in the news a lot lately for speaking his mind at the wrong place, the wrong way and at the wrong time. Well right when you thought it was over , he is at it again ! Hop into the post to see Dame Dash Put his Ex Wife and Lawyer on Blast via Instagram. #IFWT

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Dame Dash has certainly been hopping out the shadows lately, It was just recently he was ranting all over the internet about how he “Doesn’t have a boss”. Dame Dash has called out Spike Lee because Spike doesn’t want to do business with him and Dame Dash even threw a couple shots at Kanye West WHILE he was giving him his award at the BET Honors (Click Here To Watch That)

Well today is a whole new situation , it looks like Dame Dash is having some baby momma drama and he is starting to air it out on social media. Wait ? Isn’t he a Chatty Patty for that ? Well either way , Dame Dash addressed the mother of his kids Rachel Roy , accusing her of keeping him away from his kids. going on how he doesn’t expect a women of “Such class” to be so “Distasteful” unless its her lawyer getting involved. Apparently Dame Dash doesn’t have much of a liking for Rachel Roy’s lawyer, as he calls him a low life scum bag and accuses him of being the root of the problem just to get paid.

Later in the post , he goes on about how if he has to be taken that far the issue will become a public fight. Dame Dash refuses to be seen as a bad father just so someone can get a piece of his money. He also comes at another lawyer by the name of Barry Rutcofsky and threatens to expose his scumbag b*tch-a**ness for messing with his family.

Hop into the gallery to read the whole post ! Dame Dash doesn’t look too happy , but nobody should mess with a mans family so we hope he wins this round. #IFWT