kim k and blac chyna take sexy selfies

Before Kylie Jenner and Tyga began their super inappropriate relationship, Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna were once BFFAEAE. In fact, the two used to spend all of their time with one another to give us some legendary thirst traps that we will never forget (you know, the infamous bathroom selfies with Kim’s controversial photoshopped booty.) However, things apparently turned sour for the two once 17-year-old Kylie began banging.. I mean “dating” Tyga, who has a child with Blac Chyna. As expected due to the fact they are family, Kim sided with her little sis instead of her best friend in the battle of Tyga. Neither side has spoken out about where their friendship stands, but we’ve all just been assuming that it is not good.

However, TMZ recently caught up with the thick vixen outside of the Greystone Manor in Los Angeles and got her to finally address the current status of her relationship with Kimmy Cakes. At first she was asked about Rob Kardashian comparing Kim to a psycoiotic killer and she stood up for Kim until they asked where their friendship stands. Then, sh*t just got WEIRD. Yeah, super awk. Check out the video clip below.

Sidebar: if my best friend let her little sister date my baby daddy, I would probably end up on The First 48 because NAHHHHHHH. Some things, despite the situation, you just do not do or allow. #JustSaying…

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Source: TMZ