A$AP Rocky Hated "Problems"

Looks like even superstars have to do what they don’t want to do sometimes: A recent interview had the Harlem representer opening up about a number of things, including a few moves he’s not especially proud of… A$AP Rocky Says He Hated His ‘Problems’ Song!

Even though “F*ckin’ Problems” featuring Drake, 2 Chainz and the homie Kendrick Lamar was a monster hit all over the world, also effectively launching the “pretty motherf*cker” Rocky into an award winning mega-star, there were some mixed reviews. It’s usually the “core fans” that are quick to roll their eyes when an artist gains mass commercial success, but in this case the artist himself is doing the eye roll! A$AP Rocky Says He Hated His ‘Problems’ Song among a handful of songs that he felt he needed to do to get to where he is today.

MTV News and So Hip Hop report A$AP Rocky Says He Hated His ‘Problems’ Song in a recent interview, owning up and pretty much shaming his involvement with that a few other hits. Don’t look for these to be throwback cuts on the new album “A.L.L.A.” as he had this to say:

“On the album I wanted to prove to people that I could have mainstream commercial success, so that’s why I made songs like ‘Wild For The Night’ and ‘F—kin’ Problems’, [but now] I hate those f–king songs,” he said. “I do.”

…well damn. Looks like those of us who hated those songs were right in line with where his head was at! A$AP Rocky Says He Hated His ‘Problems’ Song and is he #valid or #petty for this? Does most of the public underestimate the pressure artists are under or is this more of an argument for the praises going to people like Kendrick? Is he keeping it a buck for being honest and how should the rest of the people on the record feel?

He opened up a little more about the death of brother A$AP Yams in the same interview too. Check the vids and the gallery up top for more!

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