Dame Dash and Kanye Buy Karmaloop

Welp, it’s official!!! Dame Dash and Kanye West Confirm They’re Buying Karmaloop after rumors swirled the industry about their interest in the major lifestyle and streetwear brand. Looks like bygones are way over bygones and business is looking up…but it doesn’t stop here. The two Hip Hop icons plan on revamping the online brand in their own image and well, who know’s what we’re in store for!

The sky is opening up for the former Roc-A-Fella generals as Dame Dash and Kanye West Confirm They’re Buying Karmaloop. What were rumors are a confirmation after a set of Instagram posts today by Dash, standing alongside Yeezus and captioning the stamp of approval.

After Dame swiftly chin-checked* XXL’s first report on this they’ve officially cleared up that the partnership and acquisition is definitely real. As Dame Dash and Kanye West Confirm They’re Buying Karmaloop, “Rain Dance” Dash had this to say on the initial reveal:

“Board meeting had to go over some @damondashstudios biz showed him @loisaidas and @toohonorable_ddstudios got the thumbs up and yeah the Karmaloop thing is real…this is exactly how I saw things 10 years ago and he’s doing some sh*t that even I couldn’t do but it’s not my place to speak on it…but let’s just say iam proud as f*ck…that’s the way it’s supposed to be…the younger dudes are supposed to be better than us…that’s what we fight for #honorablepeoplesticktogether stay tuned of course @raquelmhorn there taking historic cool pictures”

…Wow, that’s dope and some of the #RealestTalk we’ve heard all week!!! Dame Dash and Kanye West Confirm They’re Buying Karmaloop and exciting to hear this is only the beginning of what’s to come. It wasn’t too long ago the two announced going into the movie business together after the world saw Dash introduce Kanye’s epic BET Honors speech. You can #TweetLikeDameDash all you want but don’t get it twisted. *Flex voice* We moving out here!!!

Check the vids and the gallery for the original posts with captions!

A video posted by @duskopoppington on

A video posted by @duskopoppington on

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