Kevin Hart And T.I’s Reaction To One Direction Breaking Up Is Priceless . It has been reported that Zayne Malik is leaving One Direction and everyone is shocked but nobody is more devastated then Kevin hart And T.I. #IFWT !

It has been a tragedy to many fans to hear the news that Zayne Malik of One Direction announced that he would be officially leaving the band after being a member for over 5 very successful years. You can almost hear all the young girls hearts shatter into millions of pieces , or watch them beg for mercy on all the One Direction members Instagram pages.

Although everybody may be heartbroken it looks like nobody is as devastated as Kevin Hart and T.I.

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While at The Premiere of their new film ‘Get Hard’ Kevin is being interviewed on the red carpet. Sadly , the interviewer broke the terrible news to Kevin Hart as she asked ” How do you feel about Zayn leaving One Direction “. Being that Kevin Hart was fully unaware of the news he screamed “WHAT!?” out of pure shock, he even called over his Co-Star T.I to break the news to him because he truly didn’t believe it. The Atlanta Rapper was just as devastated.

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Kevin even sends a message to Zayne via ‘E! News ‘ questioning his actions.

Check out the Hilarious Video of Kevin Hart and T.I Below ! #IFWT