Dream lover come rescue me / Take me up / Take me down / Take me any where you want to baby I-I-I-I- … (moment had). Mariah Carey was caught singing her lil heart out, carpool karaoke style.

Check out the tunes down bottom.

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Prior to her appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Mariah Carey rode shotgun on their way to work – the show – where she bust those high notes that she is known for. During the carpool, Corden turned on his radio, which just so happened to have been playing some of the diva’s most famous hits. Hits such as “Always Be My Baby” (ugh, my fave), “Fantasy”, “Vision of Love” and “Thirsty”.

“That’s not an accident. I know your act,” she says before falling for the stunt. Good way to pull her in.

Check out the performance.

Never! No, No … You and I will always be-e-e- … You and I-I-I-I … You and I-I-I-I … (Okay, NOW moment is over).

Ms. Mariah clearly doesn’t care (anymore) that Nick is running around here with Amber Rose and Jessica White. Hmm, after he cleared up what she messed up, as far as cheating rumors go, Mariah let’s it be known that she’s still the baddest; voice in town.

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