_OG Maco

In an interview with The Fader, OG Maco says that his hit song “U Guessed It” is trash and that everyone who likes the song is stupid. Read more on the story after the jump!

During the interview OG Maco talked about all of the growing attention that his hit single has received. He also spoke about how some of the listeners who like his song are “idiots” for approving of “U Guessed It.”

The single has garnished over 27 million YouTube views and counting last year after numerous vines began showing up with the song’s chorus. Soon after it rose to the top of the Hip Hop and Pop charts, but OG Maco says that he really didn’t care for the song. He says, “Me and the whole OGG, we all listen to this s***…they listening to ‘U Guessed It’ like, bruh, this s*** trash. And I’m like, nah, this is just that garbage that is going. People hate to hear me say it, but it’s only because people are so f***** stupid that the song is going. People are idiots!”

OG Maco recently dropped an EP titled, “I Made This S*** Before U Guessed It” which is a five-track project that features collaborations from his OGG team.

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