Are Dame Dash And Chief Keef Doing Business Together? The Two have been seen together and Dame Dash definitely has some experience with young rappers from Chicago. Hop into the post for all the details and photos ! #IFWT !

Well isn’t this a interesting Hip Hop Plot Twist, Chief Keef Meets Dame Dash. Chicago’s own Chief Keef recently posted a picture on Instagram with him side by side with Roc-A-Fella and Hip Hop pioneer Dame Dash .

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Chief Keef posted the photo of him beside The Harlem World represented Hip Hop Pioneer on Instagram. Hop into the gallery to take a look at it !

The real question is what in the world is Dame Dash talking to Chief Keef about ? what do you guys think the two are working on as we speak ?

Well Dame Dash has recently announced that he and Chi Town Legend Kanye West were planning to purchase street wear e-tailer Karmaloop so it looks like Dame Dash is strictly business this time around.

Also Considering that he and Kanye will be working together in film, only means that Dame is trying to make some major moves this year.

Dame Dash also posted a photo of him and Chief Keef Together on his Instagram .He called Chief Keef a ‘Young Rock Star’. Hop into the gallery to see the post !

He even confirmed the purchase by capturing a video with Kanye West explaining his plans with Karma Loop

“So we just about to do some new sh-t. Just stick together culturally and take over the world, create a whole new industry,” he said. “Honorable people stick together. We decided to buy Karmaloop.”

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Dame has also said “Your only as strong as the Mutha F**kas u speak to for no reason” so he must have some sort of interest in Chief Keef ! Check out the post in the gallery ! #IFWT