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Black Girls Rock : Michelle Obama, Fantasia, Ciara And More. Yesterday so many Women gathered together to celebrate and love on women of color. Black Girls Rock was filled with great speeches and live performances from some of our favorite artist. Tracee Ellis Ross’s alter ego T- murda even made a guest appearance.Our first lady Michelle Obama took the stage and let every girl/woman know that they are valuable,important and beautiful. She also sent a message from President Barack Obama. Find out more after the jump.

Black Girls Rock : Michelle Obama, Fantasia, Ciara And More
Michelle’s presence at this event was so powerful and needed. The first lady had this to say,”No matter who you are, no matter where you come from you are beautiful. I am so proud of you . My husband your president,is so proud of you”she added “We have so much hope and dreams for you” .

Black Girls Rock : Michelle Obama, Fantasia, Ciara And More
Historically black women have gotten the short end of the stick, whether people want to admit it or not. That’s why these shows with leading black women are so popular, “Scandal” “How To Get Away With Murder”” Empire” to name a few. Black women are finally getting affirmed and acknowledge on a larger scale by the general public.

Some of the negative press is self induced with the fighting and bickering on reality shows. However these shows don’t represent an entire culture or gender. A lot of of negative press stems from people constantly putting black women down overtly or covertly.We need events like this to bring awareness to people. Especially when a reporter can boldy say a black woman isn’t a “classic beauty” What is a classic beauty? I’ll wait…….

Another example is when people pose the question “Why do black men date White Women?“You will see a ton of comments on online stating what the black woman isn’t doing correctly. Why don’t they ever ask the question Why do white women date black men? That may provoke a more interesting dialogue.

Back to the music Fantasia gave a stellar performance. She is so soulful and her performances are always evocative. I remember one season on American Idol she performed and Even Nicki Minaj had to get up out of her seat it was so electrifying. Ciara performed her new song “I Bet” She looked so beautiful and graceful. Jada addressed every women and said “you are enough. “Check out the videos below.