Jay Z To Make Special Announcement Of New Music .
So Jay Z just purchased a music streaming service by the name ‘Tidal ‘ curated by artists . According to the new work post Hova has a special announcement to make ! #IFWT

So Jay Z’s Facebook page posted a special message to his fans , stating that the rapper will make a special announcement on March 30th at 5 pm about the music streaming service.

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If your not quite sure what Tidal is , you can say its pretty much like Spotify or the Beats music app. Though , unlike those other apps , Tidal has the support of songwriters and popular artists such as Madonna, Beyonce, Rihanna and more. Just like Spotify Tidal also offers music consumers to stream music for a price , with theirs being at $20 a month. Which may sound sort of pricey off the bat but its really less then buying 20 albums a year.

Sources have said Rihanna , Coldplay and Beyonce will be in New York Tommorow for Tidal’s Rumored launch event. This is the same event where Jay Z is expected to make his announcement.

Aspiro is the Swedish company behind Tidal and it has half a million subscribers. With Jay Z on board the company is expecting to grow to become a head competitor with Apple. Jay Z’s Project Panther BidCo paid a total of $56 million to acquire Aspiro last year.

Make sure you check in on In Flex We Trust tomorrow to find out Jay Z’s Big News ! #IFW !