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Nicki Minaj Fans Wear Meek Mill Mask To Her Concert.The Pink Print Tour has been very sucessful thus far. Everyday Nicki post videos of the packed out arenas and all the backstage action as well. lol. The other day she posted a videdo with over 17,000 screaming fans. She has also showed appreciation for her fans creativity. They often do things to get her attention. Lately they have been really thinking out of the box. A group of fans wore Meek Mill mask in the front row and definitely caught the “Anaconda” rapper’s attention. Check out her post in the gallery! More info after the Jump

Nicki Minaj Fans Wear Meek Mill Mask To Her Concert
Good job Barbz you definitely caught Nicki’s attention, here is what the “Feeling Myself” rapper had to say”My fans r fkn crazzyyyyyyyy They wore meek mill masks. They were in the front row and I looked down and almost had a heart attack.” I guess Nicki is telling the truth when she says there is “no love lost”. Although she and longtime boyfriend Safaree split up, she has been receiving a lot of love from “Monster” Meek, her barbz and also Beyonces’s Beyhive. Last week fans created a sign that read “Beyhives support Nicki” Nicki posted a message to Beyonce on her Instagram soon after. Check the gallery for details.