Ludacris Better Than Your Favorite Rapper?

Ludacris recently spoke out publicly about the controversial jokes that took places during the Justin Bieber’s Roast on Comedy Central.

Read what he has to say after the jump…

We all like a little joke or two, but when you make fun of a person who passed away… totally not funny! Luda had a quick chat with HuffPost Live and stated his opinion on the situation. “There were some Paul Walker jokes that I didn’t feel like were appropriate… I was told and promised that they would edit those out… some of those were over line.”

I agree with Ludacris and understand why he got upset over comedian Jeff Ross’ joke about Paul Walker. “Move b*tch, get out of the way! is what Paul Walker should’ve told that tree. Too soon? Too fast? Too furious?” YEAH he totally hopped, skipped and jumped over that line smh. That’s just something you don’t say especially when the wound of losing a loved one is still fresh. I’m glad that will be edited from the final cut!

The roast will be airing March 30th on Comedy Central.

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