Do to Police Complaints , Common was pulled from a commencement speech. Though these complaints are not from any recent trouble Common has had with the law , its because of a song he made over 15 year ago ! Hop into the post for the details ! #IFWT

Chris Burgos is the President of the State Trooper Association, and he wasn’t too happy to hear that Common was scheduled to perform a speech at Kean University in New Jersey.

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I Know exactly what your thinking. Out of all the rappers who have some of the most raunchy and degrading bars that we all do enjoy there concern is Common. Why Common you ask ? Well back in the year 2000 , Common released a song titled “A Song For Assata”. This Song was Common’s dedication to the mother of 2pac Shakur who was accused of killing a New Jersey State Trooper back in 1973.

Originally , Students wanted Common to make the commencement speech because of his contributions to society and Hip Hop Culture . Yet , due to the outraged members of the State Trooper Fraternal Association and their various Complaints , Kean University ended up pulling Common from doing a commencement speech at the school.

“Its a Slap in the face” Said the President of the State Trooper Association President , Chris Burgos.

Do You guys feel like Common should be getting backlash over a song me made 15 years ago ?

OR IS THIS FOR AMERICA !!!!!!!! …. You be the judge.

Well this is the Song that The Oscar award winning rapper got backlashed for. Tell us what you think, #IFWT

Look , Another College fraternity that said something to keep a rapper from visiting there school. Sort of what happened to Waka Flocka but a little different . Click Here To Read up on that .