The beautiful and absolutely stunning Lupita Nyong’o covers Harper Bazaar UK – her third major magazine cover this year alone. The actress, whose Oscar-winning breakout film was 12 Years A Slave, graces the pages for the mag’s May issue.

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The Lancôme brand ambassador danced all around her photo shoot, but later admits, “there was a time when I was afraid to dance. Lupita continues on with a story of being petrified to wiggle her hips.

‘My older sister would dance with abandon,’ she continues. ‘She would do it to entertain. I was so mortified at the thought of wiggling my body in any direction. And I wrestled with myself, because I didn’t want to be so self-conscious. I wanted to be able to enjoy music and not care that I looked cute. I don’t know when something switched in my head, but I’m so glad it did, because I feel like dancing, and being able to enjoy one’s body for oneself is such a precious, precious thing. For yourself, you know?’ She pauses. ‘If this had happened to me at a time when I couldn’t dance – ha – my God, I think I would be way more of a wreck.’

Aren’t we glad she broke out of that shell.

Hit up the gallery for Lupita’s Harper Bazaar cover shoot.

Photographer: Alexi Lubormirski