Straight up, some of these athletes need to stop acting like girls and being so emotional about things. So what if a fan or coach or analyst doesn’t agree with your way of thinking. Is everyone supposed to think the exact same way and agree on everything related to your career just so you can feel better about yourself? Man f*ck that! As you can see I am sick of athletes (and rappers) getting upset just cause someone doesn’t share the same opinion as them. Steph Curry and Andrew Bogut both took shots at Mark Jackson because he said James Harden would be his MVP this season.


Mark Jackson was casually asked during a telecast of a game who would he have as MVP at the moment. After some consideration he went with James Harden. Now whether or not you agree with Harden as a potential MVP, you know a case can be made for him. Cases can also be made for Steph and Russell Westbrook.

Now remember, Jackson was fired as coach of the Warriors after last season, despite them having one of the better years in franchise history. It was an ugly departure, full of “he said-he said” type of comments and we never really got the truth as to why a team that had a good season would want to fire their coach.

Fast forward till now and it seems Steph thinks Jackson was basically just hating with his comments, although he doesn’t word himself that way you have to read between the lines. Andrew Bogut took it a step further and acted like he didn’t even know who Jackson was. Maybe that’s because Bogut’s soft and spends most of his time on the sidelines instead of playing, especially last season.

You guy can check the gallery and see for yourself what the players said, but seriously they need to man up and realize it was just the OPINION of one man, and it was a very valid opinion.