Ding Ding, school’s in! For any female that wants to listen, Nicki Minaj is handing over a few pointers on how to be a boss lady – as opposed to the bad b**ch lesson Amber Rose is working on. As she stated before, Nicki created The Pinkprint album in the light of Jay Z and other than relatable topics, the “Truffle Butter” femcee says that the album, is an outline on how young girls can make anything out of themselves, similar to what Jay did for the guys. “It doesn’t matter where you started in your life. You too can become a mogul and anything you want to be.”

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How To Be A Boss Lady Per Nicki Minaj

TIP: Be Yourself.

I like looking more toned down now. I haven’t been doing it for other people; I’ve been doing it for myself. I do think when people see you [looking more] toned back, they take you more seriously. But women should do what makes them happiest and strongest. I wore my colorful wigs to meetings with millionaires and people I’d looked up to forever. I was a businesswoman closing humongous deals even when I had pink hair.

“I used to be so, so hurt by the way women are labeled as b**ches (although she frequently uses the term) … it would just make me angry,” Nick admits. “I would work around powerful men all day, every day, and their attitudes were horrible, but a man just gets a pass,” she adds. It’s time to stop giving them “The Man Pass!”