Thabo Sefolosha will definitely have quite a bit of video evidence on his side when he goes to court to fight his obstruction charge after he was arrested when Chris Copeland was stabbed outside 1oak in NYC. He already is out for the rest of the season for the Atlanta Hawks after he broke his ankle when police were overly aggressive with him for no particular reason. One video already showed them using unnecessary force and slamming him down even though he wasn’t resisting. This new angle shows a tough guy cop pulling out his baton and appearing to strike Thabo as he is already laying in the street with officers holding him down.


The cop even has the nerve to yell down at Thabo as he swings the baton. Police used way too much force arresting Thabo, with numerous witnesses and video saying he wasn’t resisting arrest at all. Cops seemed to have a tough time maneuvering while trying to hold onto the bigger Sefolosha so they all mobbed up like punks and took him down.

While this video luckily was minor in nature, it’s clips like these that continue to affect the trust the public has in police. There was no need for any of this, and definitely no need for the insecure officer to feel like a big man and try and hit someone already down on the ground. We know most cops have the right intentions and are good at their jobs, but unfortunately we see stuff like this too much.

In their report, police said Thabo was aggressively charging at one of the officers before they got physical with him. That’s not evident from either video we’ve obtained since they start after the scuffle began.