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It all started when Nicki Minaj posted the huge ring Meek Mill reportedly gave her for their alleged engagement. Floyd Mayweather’s girl Bad Medina saw the picture and realized the ring looked real familiar and posted the huge rock she got from Floyd with the caption “Like no other” with the nail polish emoji (shady boots).  Well Meek didn’t let the shot slide and went in on Miss Medina!

Meek Mill commented on Bad Medina’s picture telling her she’s the only one without millions and she’s lucky Mayweather is spending on her.  Clearly Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj and Floyd Mayweather are all super rich while Medina is living off Floyd’s dime.

Meek then posted a picture of his new Lamborghini with the caption “We both got our own check”.

Then to add icing on the cake, Floyd Mayweather’s ex-girlfriend Miss Jackson liked Meek’s picture on Instagram.

Floyd also gave Miss Jackson a couple of huge diamond rings while they were together but they might’ve been taken back when he repo’d all the gifts he had given her after their breakup.

Sidenote: Just know when you come for Nicki Minaj, the “Barbs” are going to attack.  That’s just what they did putting the corn emoji under all Bad Medina’s pics in essence calling her corny.

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