Deli "White History Month" Sign

They say the melting pot we live in is a “free country” but the boundaries of freedom of speech are always being challenged. The Deli Owner Who Posted “White History Month” Sign Out of Business feels he’s lost his slice of the “American Dream” as punishment for wanting to celebrate his whiteness “just like everybody else.” #Valid or just nah???

Once February was over this Flemington, New Jersey business owner thought he’d kill two birds with one stone. The Deli Owner Who Posted “White History Month” Sign Out of Business on one hand saw the deli struggling financially, knowing he needed more customers and attention. On the other hand, Jim Boggess says he “wanted to be proud of being white.” Welp, social media erupted like clockwork…but it actually made matters worse.

The Deli Owner Who Posted “White History Month” Sign Out of Business and as the NY Daily News and Vlad TV report, had begun taking donations to cover his debt but didn’t succeed. While his sign encouraged customers to “Celebrate Your White Heritage” he’s really using this as a back end principle—admitting the motivation was above all the money.

“Yes, you guys are right, the store wasn’t doing good before the sign was posted,” he said on his new GoFundMe page. “But it was doing good enough to keep the store open. After the sign was posted I started only ringing up 23 to 40. Dollars a day . Couldn’t pay March’s rent or utilities, then April came and I didn’t have the money for April either. I barely rang enough money to purchase things to sell like eggs coffee and rolls. Then I got my eviction letter and shut off notices, so sorry if you don’t understand my situation.”

Not surprisingly the story of the Deli Owner Who Posted “White History Month” Sign Out of Business has brought up the issue of ‘white privilege’ and the gray areas of achieving success in America. While Jim’s story highlights the struggle many (white) people face in being lower class, living in poverty or struggling financially like any other race, many feel the motivations and realities around “whiteness” still don’t and will never compare. Jim says he “doesn’t deserve this” and had told his GoFundMe supporters “it was only supposed to be a white thing but people read more into it than that” (wow, SMH). He says he “WILL stay strong” and is currently looking for a new job…

Was Jim robbed of his ability to succeed or did his plans simply backfire? Are his actions a reflection of the centuries-old thought that “whiteness” is always to be advanced, and that its struggle/failure should always be prevented at all costs? If business was good do you think he’d still have put up the sign? Judging from the reported $500 in donations looks like discrimination does pay—just not enough.

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