Teen Shooting in Marcy Projects

Sad news due to One Teen Killed One Injured as Gunmen Ambush Marcy Projects this past Friday evening in Brooklyn. The alleged shooter(s) are reportedly still on the loose though residents are tagging the incident a gang-related retaliation.

One Teen Killed One Injured as Gunmen Ambush Marcy Projects and family, friends and the community mourn for 16 year old Dantee Bastone, pronounced dead at Kings County Hospital from his injuries including a shot to the groin. The so far unnamed 13 year old expected to survive was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center despite being shot twice in the torso and once in the leg. The New York Times reports the shootings took place outside 626 Park Avenue, part of Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Marcy Housing Complex.

“A hooded sweatshirt spotted with blood lay on the ground along with sneakers and a black backpack. Dantee’s name, printed in neat handwriting, could be seen clearly on the cover of a notebook that poked out of the backpack. Nearby were medical supplies that had been used to treat the teenagers. Dantee lived in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the police said. It was not immediately clear why he was at the Marcy Houses.”

Residents have spoken out about the One Teen Killed One Injured as Gunmen Ambush Marcy Projects, some expressing surprise while others are fatigued about such situations in the neighborhood. Many were at or around the scene when the barrage of gunshots hit the air, inciting screams and sending people running in different directions. NBC News reports:

“Police, some heavily armed, immediately swarmed the neighborhood and closed off the shooting scene. Officers were seen rounding up and taking into custody about 10 teenagers,who were questioned but not considered suspects, investigators said Saturday.”

Bishop Robert Shaw of the Greater Final Frontier Church was close enough to hear the shots and screams. While he says “it was a very eery feeling in the air,” he also says “I just think it’s time for this to stop. It happens all too often.” Police have yet to conclude whether the young men were targeted and for what reasons. One Teen Killed One Injured as Gunmen Ambush Marcy Projects and the details are still developing as the police investigation continues.

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