IFWT_Funk and Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx stopped by the Funk Flex Show on Hot97 to promote the new album, but his energy was on level 100, Funny AF!!! He starts off by talking health with Flex, #40DayReset, and having to dye his hair, including his gray nut hairs….Nuts….

Tat Wza

Jamie congratulates Flex on his weight loss, then loosely jumps into an impersonation of Flighty that even Flex laughed. They continue to talk about dating younger women, and some of the obstacles that come with dating women younger then a man, like having a daughter close in ‘her’ age, leading the way for his daughter to have jokes on him. And when he didn’t dye his testicles and the ‘young one’ responding to it after sex. There is so more in this interview, like the ‘fish net condoms’ Jamie promote loosely in the middle of a break but you have to hear it for yourself, I dare you to no laugh

He also lets us know when he ran into Teddy Riley back when he was on “In Living Color” while playing the role of Wanda, and trying to tell Teddy he sings and Teddy tells him ‘No, please leave me alone’. Jamie has a New album coming, which is DOPE, but Teddy regrets that!!