88K NYers Apply for Poor Door Housing

Welp!…Proving the housing market in NYC is a serious #struggle, more than 88K New Yorkers Apply for “Poor Door” Affordable Housing—in one of the first and highly controversial luxury Manhattan complexes that boasts a *separate entrance* for those paying discount prices. The “new segregation” or nah???

There’s definitely no shame in a lot of people’s game as CNN Money reports over 88K New Yorkers Apply for “Poor Door” Affordable Housing!!! But let’s take a second to break down the numbers:

1 luxury apartment building in “Manhattan’s Upper West Side” (aka HARLEM!!!)
33 stories tall
200 luxury condos for sale going from $1 million (the cheapest) to $25 million+
– Over 88,000 applicants applied to be considered for a total of…
55 affordable housing units. Yes…55.

The “poor door” for the record has been criticized by even NYC Mayor de Blasio who feels the practice is discriminatory, moving to eliminate it moving forward. The deadline (IF YOU’RE READING THIS IT’S TOO LATE) was this past Monday (SMH did you even know???). The Housing Partnership, which is the nonprofit organization in charge of screening applicants, found that over 88K New Yorkers Apply for “Poor Door” Affordable Housing and will handle the criteria as follows:

Applicants will be selected randomly for the two-bedroom, one-bedroom and studio apartments. They will then be interviewed by the Housing Partnership to verify eligibility based on income, family size and other factors, including disabilities. To qualify for below-market rates, tenants cannot earn more than $50,304 a year for a family of four. The top rent for one of the affordable two-bedroom apartments is $1,082 per month. Meanwhile, there is a seven-bedroom, nine-bath “tower townhome” for sale in the building for $25.7 million.

As 88K New Yorkers Apply for “Poor Door” Affordable Housing they’ll miss out on “expansive views that come with a host of extravagant perks, including a pool, bowling alley, rock climbing wall, a golf simulator and a screening room.” They in contrast will have “street views, a community room and bike storage.” The program was initially brought forth as part of the city’s “Inclusionary Housing Program,” explained as an effort to minimize the inequality of the city by offering affordable housing in nice areas. Hmmm…

Is de Blasio right? Does this whole thing cross the line of actually addressing the issues at hand and instead just encourage “the takeover” of class politics—or is this a good idea? Would you mind using a “poor door” or living with people who do?

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