So our Earth Days Numbered huhh? Most kids woke up just simply knowing that today reflects how we maintain our earth but do they know we’re at risk . First Obama gave a friendly earth Day reminder that one of our biggest threats to our planet is in fact climate change. Letting us all know that this may be the only reversible catastrophe but how easy will it be to reverse?

CNN stated today that if we go up 2 degrees Celsius 1/4 of the earth’s species are in danger of becoming extinct by 2050. We all notice our seasons have been shifting little by little . There has been Snow & Hurricanes in Octobers and more than enough sun in February. This is a very serious concern and can change our lives forever.

Can you imagine the next generation coming into a world that is totally different than what we know? There are a number of consequences we can face with climate change including, Higher temps, Rising Seas & droughts depending which side of the world you are on. Which means Floods and Fires can emerge at any time Uncontrollable heat and years of ozone layer damage can cause more ilnesses and skin damage.

Leaving us to ask our selves again… Are Earth Days Numbered .Storms in the future will be 10x’s as bad as any we have had. All around the world have already noticed how a storm or hurrican can litterally happen out of nowhere. Earthquakes happen in places they never have before. No surprise that the things we have been hearing about helping save the ozone layer are in fact true. Happy Earth day to all lets take time to appreciate our planet and find ways to help reverse what could be the end of it. Educate your self and others on ways to better our climate .