Just last week Chris Brown FINALLY confirmed that the rumored “love-child” baby Royalty is indeed his. But it seems that his baby mama’s boyfriend wants to let Brown know he isn’t going anywhere.

But since baby Royalty was born, Guzman’s boyfriend ‘King Ba’ has been the father figure in her life and looks like plans to stay there. Clearly, the R&B singer’s vow to step up and be a better man and father to the child means nothing to King Ba because he just got two brand new tattoos to show his devotion to Nia and baby Royalty.

The fresh ink was the center of of attention in his most recent IG post of Royalty. The picture seems like just another adorable flick of the baby until you realize the shade being thrown around. He got a royal crown and ‘Nia’ tatted on his forearm. The ink is definitely new, in pictures of him and Royalty from Easter his arm was clean.

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Tattoos may be permanent,but will Chris Brown be willing to share daddy-duty with another man? That’s doubtful. Brown has been taking the father role quite seriously since he found out about the baby. He’s posted the most adorable photos of himself and the baby with captions like, “God has blessed me with my twin.” He’s even in negotiations for child-support and trying to move Nia and Royalty to LA to be closer to him.

Seems like this could end in a custody battle between the two “dads.” We’ll just have to stay tuned.