Update on Kanye and Dame Dash Movie Business
Ever wonder how to create a beverage brand like Heineken or Budweiser? Ever imagine owning a unique clothing and accessory store? Well, don’t consult a “chatty patty” because on April 22, 2015, an aspiring entrepreneur, artists or entertainment personality can ask the man himself, Dame Dash. The tycoon has erected another business, not only to collect cash and checks, but he also disseminates indispensable knowledge to make a person’s dream come to fruition.

Mr. Dame Dash promulgates his first “Poppington Academy” at his art gallery at 60 Orchard Street in Manhattan’s lower eastside. Special guests include Harlem Diplomat Cam’ron, a Been Thrill Clothing representative, Hip-Hop Motivation’s Kenyatta Khari, and more. The event schedule is as followed:
*Reception and Gallery 6:00p- 6:30p
*The Opening Remarks and Screening of the Poppington Academy 6:45p-7:15p
*Fashion and Technology Workshop with a Guest from Been Thrill Clothing 7:15p-7:45p
*Lecture with Damon Dash/Business Incubator and Q&A , featuring Hip-Hop Motivation with Kenyatta Khari 8:00p-10:00p
*Closing reception 10:00p-10:30p
*After Party @ Leonora at 525 W. 29th Street 11:00p-4:00a
It’s reported that other seminars will be formed and dates will be announced as time progresses.


Since his exit from the Rock-a-Fella Records offices, Mr. Dame Dash continues to exercise his entrepreneurial muscles. Currently, he is partnered with a Brooklyn, NY company to introduce a new brand of motor oil. Further, he operates an online fashion store releasing executive apparel and still has his art gallery in the lower eastside of Manhattan. “Loisaidas” is a short film Mr. Dash released several weeks ago, which is executively produced by Kanye West. Plus, highly anticipated “Culture Vulture”, an audio book written by Kenyatta Griggs and Dame Dash, is reported to illuminate the avenues and boulevards one can take to self-efficacy. Dame Dash encourages individuals to learn how to be a boss. And they are selling the blueprint slated to soon release. Dame Dash also surprised many by showing a short clip of himself and Sean “Diddy” Combs in a Hollywood Office. So, we shall see what results emanates from this interaction.

Independence is a cornerstone of the American Gross Domestic Product (GDP). And Dame Dash seems like he will continue imploring Americans to live the independent lifestyle. Through fashion, books, music, entertainment and other lucrative industries, Mr. Dame Dash remains demonstrating that he’s the ultimate hustler.


Dame Dash’s Poppington