The upcoming all new 2016 BMW 7 Series is something straight out of James Bond. BMW r released a press release and video showing off what they have been so diligently working on. Though the car is wrapped in a material to hide the physical design of the car, these other features should hold you over. The new model is the pinnacle of luxury and technology for the Bavarian automaker. It starts with the new BMW Display Key. Its a remote control and LCD screen all in one. With one gesture on the new touch screen key you can activate the new Remote Control Parking Function and have the car pull out or park without you being in the car. You get out use the touch screen LCD Key and you literally watch the car park itself. Check out the video after the jump.

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BMW is one of the first automakers to incorporate driver-less parking into their actual production models. It doesn’t stop there with the new 7 Series the interior features the new Touch Display. With simple hand gestures a 3-D sensor picks up if you want to make a phone call or lower the volume. The new touch screen display helps immensely with navigation too. The New 7 Series is also 130 kilograms lighter then its predecessor because of BMW innovative Carbon Core technology. BMW is the leader in carbon fiber integration in production models for customers. I know TatWza would dig this new technology. The New 7 is fully integrated with there intelligent carbon fiber this makes for a completely new experience in comfort in driving dynamics making an extremely smooth ride while maintaining power and control. BMW continues to set the standard for luxury and technology in the automotive industry.

Source: AutoBlog