The electric car company sent a letter to investors and analysts that announced the “Tesla Home Battery” and a “very large utility scale battery.” These batteries will hold enough energy to power your home. Although there are similar products out already, Tesla will prove why their product will be the uprising one. Check out the specs on the home battery below after the jump.

The way the Tesla home battery works is pretty simple. The battery is charged up overnight, since that is when the electricity companies charge the least. During the day, the battery can be turned on and be used. Although a home battery isn’t inexpensive, it will save you a bunch of money on your electricity bill. Do you think Tat Wza will cop one for his home?

Tesla Motors has been under the limelight for quite some time because of their all electric roadster. With plenty of people on the waiting list for a Tesla car, others are sitting around waiting to see what else they have up their sleeve.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced through that there will be a Tesla event on April 30th, but an electric car will not be the new product. This brought much anticipation to excited consumers, investors and analysts. At a battery conference last year, Tesla reveals some of its company plans regarding to the batteries. There are two types of batteries set to release, a 10 kilo-Watt hour residential battery and a 400 kWh commercial/utility battery for larger buildings.

There has been speculations arriving from Tesla about creating home batteries, until Musk revealed that it will arrive “fairly soon.” Tesla has also been offering home batteries to SolarCity customers as a test run, since Elon Musk is the chairman of the company. Currently, there are 330 U.S households (mostly in California) who are running on Tesla batteries. Those batteries cost about $13,000, with a 50% rebate awarded by California’s Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

It is not confirmed that Tesla will announce the home battery at their event on April 30th at their Tesla Hawthorne, California, Design Studio at 8 p.m. PT.

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Source: CNN