Ever since Apple gave their emoji’s a cultural update, there have been several of Emoji apps that have hit the Net recently. Apps like Expressor have allowed us to super-impose our favorite celebrity’s memorable faces in text messages. Now a new app, called RapKey, is coming to sweep the competition with emojis of blunts, smilies with grills, and Jay Z’s “The Roc” hand sign. Finally, you’ll be able to tell your friends you’re “runnin’ thru the 6 with your woes” with one emoji. Check out the details for RapKey after the jump!

Tony MC Twitter | Instagram Source: Complex

The new hip-hop emoji app not only allows you to express yourself with bloodshot side-eyes and middle fingers, but now you can use rap lyrics in your everyday text conversations (if you don’t already). RapKey features dozens of hip-hop related emojis like a styrofoam cup of lean, two gold chains, the OVO owl and plenty more.

The app also includes rap lyrics from a plethora of artists from 2 Chainz to 50 Cent. The app’s creators, Jonah Kaner and Ativ Patel, said they had been sending their favorite lyrics to their friends and family before they launched the app back in November of last year.

“I had been sending rap lyrics to friends/family and, after doing some digital work in the industry, said, ‘Let’s do it,'” Kaner told Complex. “We designed, coded, and submitted the original version in about a week and had a lot of fun. We knew that was just the beginning, though, and thought about how we could expand the vision. Since the initial goal was to make texting more fun, by inserting rap lyrics, we thought about how we could make it even more fun. Alas, emojis and soundbites. Nothing tops the reaction you will get from sending a soundbite or rap emoji to someone that has no idea that it was coming.”

Tatwza points out that the app only works in text messages and not on social media. Check out the official details on their website and see which of your favorite emojis are included in the gallery!