Marshal Smashed Phone_IFWT
They wonder why we don’t trust the police, or anyone with a badge, for that matter!  A video has been released showing the behavior of a US Marshal as he smashes a woman’s Phone. She was recording an interaction between Police Officers and members of a biker gang. Not only did the Marshal take the phone from Beatrice Paez, a school teacher and law abiding citizen, but he threw it on the ground, kicked it, and repeatedly stomped on it; according to the victims recollection as she spoke with a CNN correspondent.

This took place in South Gate, California, where she had a constitutional right to film on a public sidewalk. So, there’s no question that the Marshal, armed with an AR-15 assault rifle, was in the wrong. The question is, what was he trying to hide? If the officers were following the proper procedures and protocols, they shouldn’t have had a problem being filmed. Secondly, why is this guy so angry? Did he really have to destroy the woman’s phone so she could no longer communicate with her family? I’ve experienced this type of treatment first hand with some police officers; poor communication skills, short fuses, and bad tempers just waiting to bust something up!

Thanks to smartphone technology (TatWza would agree) it’s now more evident that police brutality, murder, and other unlawful acts are being performed by the “Boys in Blue” all over the country. So, I applaud this woman for filming, as well as the neighbor across the street for catching this US Marshal’s behavior.

Check out the video below, and let’s keep the cameras rolling!

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Source: CNN